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Henning Schultz
+45 40405130


Henning Schultz: Owner, managing director and acting Head Consultant in mhtconsult. MA in Literature and Education from Copenhagen University, with more than 30 year’s theoretical and practical experience in didactics and learning processes. Has worked with teaching and empowerment at several levels, specialising in vulnerable groups at youngsters at risk of marginalisation, including possibilities and conditions for pattern breaking and changing patterns on consciousness. Further has education background from the labour union sector.

Has undergone numerous educational courses and development projects on audience adapted learning methods and material collections, cross‐topical as well as topic specific. Has further through a number of educational visits abroad established trans‐national networks with the aim of integrating learning approaches for target groups with different socioeconomic and socio‐cultural backgrounds. In addition, has acted as lecturer and supervisor for specialising students. Has been leading a number of EU projects, including development and testing of intercultural toolkits targeted at various groups of teachers, trainers and public managers.

Furthermore, has for a number of years worked with organisational and personnel related issues, including mental health in the work environment, building cooperative structures in the work place and senior citizen policies.

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