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mhtconsult is a private and independent research and development organisation, focusing on intercultural inclusion, integration, diversity, prevention and empowerment in both working life and social contexts.

Synergy between theory and practice
Based on the values of diversity and equal citizenship, we are building a bridge between analytical knowledge and practical tools in a wide range of professional areas:

Evaluation, research and analysis
Methodological development and documentation
Process facilitation, courses and teaching
Holistic guidance, clarification and mentorship
Project ‐ and knowledge management
Collaboration and organizational learning

Core Areas
Diversity, Interculturality and integration
Inclusion, equality, antidiscrimination and equal opportunities in working life as well as in civil society and local communities
Welfare development and interdisciplinarity through partnerships between public authorities, the private sector and the voluntary sector
Strategies and methods for an inclusive labour market and socio-economic entrepreneurship
Health in an intercultural perspective
Prevention of radicalisation and extremism

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